Campaign Announcements

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Initial Campaign Statement

I’m honored to be a serious candidate in the upcoming November 2nd election for Tucker City Council, District 1, Post 1. After over 30 years of enjoying great success as a trial lawyer with the ability to help tens of thousands of individuals and families throughout the years, the opportunity presented itself to make the lives of even more individuals “better” through this new avenue of service. I’ve lived in Tucker for nearly 20 years. It had been suggested that I seek office previously but the timing simply wasn’t right in the City’s infancy.
Looking back now, I have been blessed to raise three adoring children in Tucker and when my first grandchild was born this past December, I became inspired at the revelation that I had the available time and, certainly, the ability to give back to this community. Simply, the opportunity to leave our world a better place. The magnitude of support I have received thus far is heartening. This includes the additional support and endorsement of Pat Soltys who is stepping down from this position to serve the community in yet other ways, after having served her constituents so well for so long. Now I hope to make my own mark in the city’s history. I’ve enjoyed observing an upward and steady trajectory of development and pride in this community. It’s my goal, in broad strokes, to see continued development of green space, interesting and new businesses opening in the community and the promotion of all that Tucker has to offer to both its residents and visitors alike. I want to see the continued development of peaceful area parks, a safe and vibrant downtown destination, and the growth of opportunities for all Tucker citizens to remain involved in the enjoyment of life right in our own backyard.

I also recognize that there are less-glamorous issues that constitute pressing issues within our community. Affordable housing, revitalization within several Tucker communities, acceptance and the celebration of our diversity, and making certain our city is welcoming to all citizens and visitors, to name a few. There are no easy answers with these issues but, nonetheless, these remain key consideration within all levels of Tucker‘s governance. Of particular importance to me personally are the issues of hunger and hunger insecurity. Throughout this past year, my family and my law firm have made a strong and consistent commitment to the donation and distribution of food to those in need. These considerations from a governmental view are equally as important – if not of greater importance – than those of general growth and promotion. As an attorney for over 30 years, I bring an understanding of the ability to observe or consider problems brought to my attention, think outside the box to create the best solutions feasible and implement solutions to the betterment of citizens and the community. As a whole. I believe over the past decades I have developed the understanding to recognize and celebrate the District’s diversity from ethnicity to lifestyle to economic needs.

As my campaign continues to develop and opportunities to visit citizens throughout the community increase, I look forward to the formation of a greater understanding and commitment to the needs of those who reside in District 1, as well as the entire City of Tucker.